Bus Routes

School Zone Notice

The property’s physical address with the Walton County Planning Department will determine your child's school zone.

If you have any questions about school boundaries, please contact the Transportation Department for additional information.

Determining Attendance Zones

These instructions are designed to be used for students that attend the school in the attendance zone which their residence is located.
  • Click on https://trans.walton.k12.ga.us/elinkrp/Search.aspx 
  • Select the grade your child will be attending.
  • Enter house number, street number, and zip code.
  • Click on the "Find School/Transportation Info" button: 
    • Determine school of attendance.
    • Determine the bus number.
    • Determine the approximate time of arrival.
    • Determine the assigned bus stop.
    • Be at the stop with your student ten minutes before the approximate stop time.
The route and stop times will become more consistent after the first week of school and should stabilize within two weeks of the start of school. If you can not find your street name by searching the document, search for the nearest intersecting street to your street and follow the instructions in step four above. If not found, continue searching the streets nearest your street of residence until you find a stop location that is within five tenths of a mile of your residence (that is the furthest distance any student is required to walk to the bus stop from their home driveway). Follow the instructions in step four once the nearest stop is identified.
If you are unable to find a stop within five tenths of a mile of your residence, or if you need assistance finding a stop, contact the school your child will attend or the transportation department. 

Contact Us

Phone: (770) 207-3200

If you need to contact Transportation between 6-8 a.m., please use the contact numbers listed below.

Loganville and Walnut Grove Zones:

Monroe Zone and Special Needs:

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