Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I request a bus stop change?
  • Contact the Transportation Department at (770) 207-3200. Parents can request a "Bus Stop Review" at any time. Bus Drivers/Managers are not authorized to change bus stops.
  • Note: Bus stops are normally only changed for safety reasons. We do not change stops based on the proximity of the stop to your residence, the parent’s ability to see their students at the stop, the fact that the bus passes your house to get to the stop, the lack of sidewalks, or that it may be dark outside.
2. What if I want my child to get off at a different stop?
  • Students are assigned to the stop closest to their home address. Changes to the bus stop for personal preferences, such as, but not limited to, getting on/off the bus sooner/later or being with other friends in the neighborhood, are not allowed.
  • One-time request/Emergency: The parent will need to send in a note to the school, and the school will provide the student with an Official Bus Pass to ride another bus or get off at a different stop.
  • Note: The bus driver may not approve the change.
3. What if my child is late or does not come home in the afternoon?
  • Call your school or the Transportation Dispatch line at (770) 207-3189.
4. How are bus stops determined?
  • The location of bus stops is determined by the Transportation Supervisor with assistance from the Routing Department. The safety of students is the first consideration when determining bus stop locations, and our Transportation Supervisors use a Safe Stop Form. This account takes precedence over all other routing criteria. Students can be required to walk up to 4/10 of a mile to a bus stop.   Door-side pick-up and drop-off will be provided to students who reside on high-speed roadways throughout the county. Students are not permitted to cross multi-land roads, including deceleration lanes.
  • Note: We do not change stops based on the proximity of the stop to your residence, the parent’s ability to see their students at the stop, the fact that the bus passes your house to get to the stop, the lack of sidewalks or that it may be dark outside.
5.  Will bus service be provided for my subdivision?
  • Yes, unless it is gated or private.
6. What if I have a concern regarding my child’s bus driver?
     Please contact the school first or the transportation office.
  • Loganville Zone - (770) 207-3184
  • Walnut Grove Zone - (770) 207-3183
  • Monroe Zone - (770) 207-3183
  • Special Education - (770) 207-3185
7. How can I become a school bus driver?
  • Fill out an application online at the employment site at Contact our department at (770) 207-3200. Bus drivers are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license with endorsements (training is provided) as well as undergo a comprehensive training program. They are also required to complete a pre-employment physical, drug and alcohol screening and criminal background check successfully.  
8. What if my child is being bullied?
  • The student should inform the driver of what is going on. Additionally, the parent/guardian should contact the school where their child attends. Parents can also contact the Transportation Department at (770) 207-3200.
9. How do I find out which bus route my child will be riding?
  • At school open houses, transportation personnel will be available to help parents with transportation-related questions.  Parents can also visit our bus routes page to help them find the student's address and route number.
10. Is the bus stop changed during inclement weather?
  • No. Students will be picked up or dropped off at their regular school bus stop.
11. Is my elementary student required to wear a bus tag?
  • Yes. This helps the school and bus driver ensure that students are on the correct bus, especially during the first month of school.
12. Where do I get a bus tag?
  • The front office will have bus tickets/tags.
13. Is a Pre-K or K student allowed to get off the bus without an adult or older sibling at the bus stop?
  • No. If the parent/guardian or older sibling is not at the bus stop, the Pre-K or K student will be returned to the school.
14. Are bus drivers allowed to assign seats?
  • Yes. Girls will sit on the left behind the driver and boys will sit on the right. Siblings may sit together. This seating arrangement will help promote positivity and safety for all students.

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Zone Contacts:
  Loganville - (770) 207-3184
  Walnut Grove - (770) 207-3183
  Monroe - (770) 207-3183
  Special Ed - (770) 207-3185
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