Written Word Winners

8th Grade

I’m Here
(1st place)
Desiree Joslin

His palms sweat
His heart palpitates
He’s been running so long.
He clutches the diminutive unassuming box that held someone else’s future.
Most thought he was insane
He wasn’t so sure if they were wrong.

They had to be here.

“I’m not a lunatic”
He fought the trees to escape.
He held on to his black heavy coat as he raced through the forest.
Darkness covered the landscape.

They had to be here.

His pace hastened to that of a madman
He had to make it in time.

It had to be here.  They had to be here.

His mind raced as fast as his feet
Logic broke like the sticks beneath him
His heart rate continued to climb.
It had to be here.
His aching body forced him to stop
He checked his pocket.  He sighed with relief when he felt the box touch his frostbitten fingers.
She had to be here.
He was her last chance
The man collapsed on the forest floor.
As a shadow in the forest approached.
“I’m here.”
Kylie Weber

I’m a person.
I’m simple.
But complex as can be.
That’s me.
I’m a single thing.
With millions of thoughts.
Hundreds of ideas.
Many things I see.
Some good.
Some bad.
Things that make me happy,
Things that make me sad
But that’s me.
I’m human.
I have feelings.
Some you can see.
Some never leave.
We all have them.
We just don’t show it.
I’m a girl.
I’m one person out of hundreds of centuries.
I’m not like anyone.
No one’s like me.
I guess you could say.
I’m unique.
But I’m just

7th Grade

(1st place)
Adlie Smith

When you look at me,
What do you see?
Just another average twelve year old girl.
Inside my appearance,
I live in another world.
A world where I’m not just a twelve year girl.
Inside me.
I’m a work of beautiful abstract art.
Colors everywhere,
They even glow in the dark
Never read someone by their appearance,
Because inside their world,
Everything could change in an instance.
As My Heart Erodes
(Runner Up)
Adlie Smith

As my heart erodes,
I watch my hope as it weathers away.
Creating a new image is not as simple
As night and day.
But maybe,
Maybe we could create something new.
Not an image,
But a relationship between me and you.

6th Grade

Winter at Night
(1st place)
Matthew Gragg

Before the white snow comes to lay,
The white frost at night must not stay.
While the people are at their bed,
The things outside are freezing dead.
All living things are keeping warm inside,
Except for the plants who have all died.
Before the sun must come to say hi,
All frost and winter stuff must go bye.
(Runner Up)
Stephanie Mastriano

Wind blows through the trees
Like a vast summer breeze
With kids playing ball
All through the fall
Snow falls on that one day
And melts one day in May.
Classroom Poetry Project Winner

Reese and the Plaid Problem

Reese is so sad without her plaid.
And Ms. Kohler thinks she is more alert with her plaid shirt.
For Reese plaid is not just a fad.
When she doesn't have her plaid shirt she seems kinda curt.
Reese without plaid is like Ms. Kohler without a black cat.
Didn't have to be her shirt, it could've been a plaid hat.
Plaidless Reese has made Ms.Kohler sad.
And unfortunately made Reese a tiny bit mad.
Please on Monday return the shirt of plaid.
So  Reese and Ms. Kohler will be supernaturally glad.
Ms. Kohler’s 6th Homeroom

Art Winners

Rainy Sims
6th Grade Winner
Abigail Puha
6th Grade Runner UP
Kiara Detweiler
7th Grade Winner
Audrey Howell
7th Grade Runner Up
Lillie Gattis
8th Grade Winner
Kellie Still
8th Grade Runner Up
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