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Spring 2024 Chromebook Collection

Senior/Junior Marshals and Ushers exempting exams will be collected in the Media Center on Wednesday, May 15
-Fees and holds list materials must be cleared to participate in graduation activities

Senior/Junior Marshals and Ushers will be collected in the MAHS Media Center as students complete final exams by 11 am on Friday, May 17
-Seniors (including PSO, HHB, WBL, etc.) can return their device and charger anytime before May 17
-Fees and holds list materials must be cleared to participate in graduation activities

11th Grade Students exempting exams will be collected in 4th block on Friday, May 17
-We will call for students to come to the Media Center before car rider dismissal

9th-11th Grade Student Chromebooks will be collected in the MAHS Media Center after students complete exams on Tuesday, May 21.
-You will bring your class to the Media Center after your exam on Tuesday, May 21
-We will process chromebooks and send you back with all students not participating in intersession
-Students not taking exams (PSO, HHB, WBL, etc.) can return device anytime before May 21
-Students participating in Intersession will keep their chromebooks in the Media Center
-If underclassmen withdraw over the summer they will be responsible for paying for unreturned chargers and any Chromebook damage when they withdraw. 
-Chromebook repair or replacement fees must be paid before the 2024-2025 school year. Students will not receive a device next year until all fees are cleared. 

Please see the linked Usage and Protection Plan Document for some common repairs [LINK]. For any repair that is not listed, the student will be provided the cost after evaluation of the damaged unit.
MAHS eSMART Chromebook Procedures

As part of the Walton County School District eSmart initiative, each student will receive a school-issued Chromebook and charger. Parents/guardians and students can purchase the Chromebook Usage and Protection Plan (UPP), which secures a discounted repair rate for any damages to the Chromebooks. The Protection Plan also allows the students to take home the Chromebooks. The cost of the Chromebook protection plan is $10 this year.

If parents/guardians choose to pay cash or decline the protection plan, printed copies of the Chromebook protection forms are available in the MAHS Media Center. You can also CLICK HERE to download, print, and complete the Chromebook Usage and Protection form. Students who decline the protection plan will bring their Chromebooks to the Media Center at the end of each school day.  Please remember that if you decline the protection plan, you are responsible for the full cost of any repairs.

Usage and Protection Plan

Walton County School District has a $10 per year student Chromebook Usage and Protection Plan. Purchasing this plan secures a discounted repair rate for any Chromebook damage and allows the student to take home the Chromebook. We recommend using My Payments Plus to complete paperwork and payment online. Please click here to see detailed directions for setting up a My Payments Plus account and completing the purchase through the app or a computer [LINK].

Students have the OPTION of paying the $10 protection plan.  If the student wants to take their chromebook home, then you MUST pay the $10 Usage and Protection Plan. If they do not purchase this plan the student will do daily checkout and return the chromebook each day.

After multiple Chromebook repairs or willful damages to the Chromebook, the administration may choose to restrict students to a daily Chromebook checkout. Students will not be allowed to take home a device. The student will also be referred to the administration for possible discipline if necessary.

Repair and Replacement Costs
Please see the linked Usage and Protection Plan Document for some common repairs [LINK]. For any repair that is not listed, the student will be provided the cost after evaluation of the damaged unit.
Loss of functionality will dictate a repair or replacement at the discretion of WCSD personnel. Anyone graduating or withdrawing from WCSD schools will need to pay for any Chromebook repairs or replacement fees.
Any existing chromebook fees can be paid online at
Frequently Asked Questions
I have outstanding repair fees. Will I be able to check out a new device?
All repair balances must be resolved before students can check out a device for the next school year. Students can develop a payment plan for these fees if you are not able to pay the balance at one time.

Can I bring my own device?
No. All students will be issued a school-owned Chromebook to be used for the completion of schoolwork. Students must use the school-issued device and may not bring their own devices. Students are expected to be prepared for class with a charged Chromebook every morning in first block. Students must follow the WCSD Acceptable Use Policy when using these Chromebooks.

What happens if my Chromebook is lost or damaged?
Damaged, lost, stolen, or missing Chromebooks must be reported to the school within 24 hours. To pursue a replacement Chromebook the student must file a police report in a timely manner and bring a copy of that report to the school.

The optional protection plan allows students to pay a discounted repair fee in the case of damage. Students who choose not to purchase the optional protection plan will pay more in the event of loss or damage. In the event of loss or damage, students may be issued a loaner Chromebook once fees are paid. Failure to return a loaner Chromebook before the end of the day will result in disciplinary action, which may include ISS, OSS, or other measures determined appropriate by the administrator.

As with textbooks, students who fail to clear outstanding Chromebook fines or fees will not receive grade reports or transcripts. Seniors who fail to clear all fines will not be allowed to participate in senior activities.

The Media Center is the home of the Chromebook Help Desk at MAHS. Students experiencing problems with their Chromebook should seek assistance from the media specialist or a Help Desk student aide. If you experience problems outside of school, please submit a help desk through

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