Car Rider Protocols

Afternoon Car Rider Protocols

Note: All procedures developed are to ensure student and staff safety, even if it sacrifices efficiency. Typically our afternoon car rider time period is about 25 minutes to load all vehicles.
  1. Students that are horse-playing in the car rider area will be disciplined. This may lead to an discipline referral.
  2. Students are to stand on the sidewalk and look for their car.
  3. Students are responsible for spotting their car, walking to the spot where the car will come to a complete stop, and loading.
  4. Students can only load between the first two crosswalks. They will not be allowed to walk past the second crosswalk, load on the other side of the parking lot, walk to LES, or walk down to the roundabout.
  5. If the car is in the lane closest to the building, students are allowed to leave the sidewalk after the car is completely stopped.
  6. If the car is in the lane furthest from the building, students cannot pass through the first lane to approach their car. They must walk to the first crosswalk to cross over, then walk down to their car.
  7. Students can only walk across the crosswalk at the front of the line when a staff member says it is okay to cross.
  8. If a group of cars has loaded their students and has been given the signal to move forward and there is a car in the group without their student, the driver of that car will be required to pull over to the far right side past the first crosswalk. They can park and exit their car to enter into the student crowd to find their student. The second option is to drive through the car rider line again by looping around.
  9. The drivers must pull up to the first crosswalk, or a few feet from the bumper of the car ahead of them, and come to a complete stop before the student can approach. We try to fit as many cars as possible in the loading zone.
  10. Drivers should NOT be on their cell phone while in the loading section, between the first two crosswalks.
  11. Drivers should not be looking to their right attempting to locate their student. The students should spot the drivers instead. For the safety of our staff standing close to the traffic, we prefer the drivers to focus on driving. 
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!
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