School Supply LIst for 2020-2021

Walnut Grove Elementary School Supply List – 2020-2021 School Year


Supplies for Pre-K                                                                   Donations for Pre-K    

bookbag (non-rolling, big enough to hold a coat)                     Ziploc-type bags (quart, snack, &/or gallon)

5/8" Basic KinderMat                                                          Elmer’s glue (bottles &/or glue sticks)

Donations for Pre-K                                                                washable markers 

box(es) of tissues                                                                      cans of Play-Doh brand play dough

roll(s) of paper towels                                                              disinfectant wipes (non-bleach)                                                                        


Supplies for Kindergarten                                                       Donations for Kindergarten

bookbag (non-rolling, big enough to hold a coat)                     box(es) of tissues

1 plastic Spacemaker-type school box (snap close)                   roll(s) of paper towels

5 boxes of crayons (16–24 count)                                             bottle(s) of liquid hand soap (not hand sanitizer)   

15 – 20 glue sticks                                                                    disinfectant wipes (non-bleach)

2 large bottles of Elmer’s glue                                                 Ziploc-type bag(s) (boys–sandwich; girls–gallon)

1 pair of Fiskars safety scissors                                               paper plates

1 pack of #2 pencils                                                                  paper lunch bags (white or brown)

1 pack of markers (basic colors)                                              treasure box items (party favor toys/erasers/  

1 pack of colored pencils                                                                /wrapped pieces of candy (not containing    

2 packs of pink pearl erasers                                                         peanut butter))

3 stiff-cover bound composition books (sewn together, not spiral bound) 

1st Grade

Supplies for 1st Grade                                                               Donations for 1st Grade

bookbag (non-rolling)                                                              box(es) of tissues

1 small plastic snap-close pencil box                                        roll(s) of paper towels

10 glue sticks                                                                           bottle(s) of liquid hand soap (not hand sanitizer)

3 2-pocket folders (pockets only, no prongs)                            disinfectant wipes (non-bleach)

1 pair of metal safety scissors                                                  Ziploc-type bags (quart &/or gallon)

1 pack of cap erasers                                                               1 ream of white copy paper (for Writing Center)

3 boxes of 16–24 count Crayola crayons (not Twistables)        earbuds ($1.00 - $2.00) for Chromebooks 

3 plain yellow 10-pack #2 pencils (no characters) – shared as a class 

2 stiff-cover bound composition books (sewn together, not spiral bound, not with tear out pages)

2nd Grade

Supplies for 2nd Grade                                                              Donations for 2nd Grade

bookbag (non-rolling)                                                              box(es) of tissues

1 plastic Spacemaker-type school box                                      roll(s) of paper towels

2 boxes of 24 crayons                                                              bottle(s) of liquid hand soap (not hand sanitizer)

1pair of blunt-end scissors                                                       disinfectant wipes (non-bleach)

3 packs of #2 pencils                                                                Ziploc-type bags (quart &/or gallon)

12 glue sticks                                                                           ream(s) of white copy paper 

1 bottle of glue

1 pack of cap erasers                                        

4 bound composition books (not spiral)          

4 folders with pockets & brads

1 pack of 4 dry erase markers for personal white boards

1 pair of headphones or earbuds


Clinic Donations

Ziploc-type bags (quart sizes)                                                  bottle(s) of hand soap (not hand sanitizer)

box(es) of tissues                                                                      hand sanitizer wipes

bandaids                                                                                  bathroom wet-wipes (flushable) 

3-ouce cups (paper or plastic)                                                  disinfecting wipes (non-bleach)

Children's Motrin (or generic equivalent) - liquid and chewable (unopened)

Children's Tylenol (or generic equivalent) - liquid and chewable (unopened)

small bottles of water, small bottles of Sprite, and/or juice boxes (unopened)

Walnut Grove Elementary School Supply List – 2020-2021 School Year

3rd Grade

Supplies for 3rd Grade                                                              Donations for 3rd Grade

bookbag**                                                                               box(es) of tissues

1 pencil pouch                                                                          1 bottle of liquid hand soap (not hand sanitizer)

7 bound 100-sheet composition notebooks (not spiral)             roll(s) of paper towels

2 poly (plastic) folders with prongs                                          disinfecting wipes (non-bleach)

2 packs of 24 yellow wooden #2 pencils (not mechanical)         pink pearl erasers

earbuds ($1.00 – $2.00) for Chromebooks

10 glue sticks *                                                                         * shared by the class

1 pack of yellow highlighters *                                   

2 packages of black dry erase markers *        

1 pair of student scissors *

2 packages of 24 crayons *

4th Grade

Supplies for 4th Grade                                                              Donations for 4th Grade

bookbag**                                                                               box(es) of tissues

4 solid-color 3-hole plastic pocket folders with prongs             roll(s) of paper towels

1 zippered pencil bag                                                               bottle(s) of hand soap (not hand sanitizer)

1 12-inch ruler with metrics                                                     disinfecting wipes (non-bleach)

2 yellow highlighters                                                                Ziploc-type bags (gallon size or quart size)

8 bound composition notebooks (not spiral)

2 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper (not college ruled)

1 pair Fiskars student scissors                                    

1 box of colored pencils           

2 packs of 24 wooden #2 pencils (not mechanical pencils)                               

1 small container of liquid glue (will be replenish as needed)

earbuds ($1.00 - $2.00) for Chromebooks  

5th Grade 

Supplies for 5th Grade                                                              Donations for 5th Grade

bookbag**                                                                               box(es) of tissues

1 zippered pouch for pencils                                                    roll(s) of paper towels

2 bound composition notebooks (not spiral)                            disinfecting/sanitizing wipes (non-bleach)

4 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper (not college ruled)        bottle(s) of hand soap (not hand sanitizer)  

1 pack of 24 #2 pencils                                                             glue sticks

1 pack of 4 dry erase markers                                                  #2 pencils

1 pair of student scissors                                                          dry erase markers

2 glue sticks                                                                             earbuds

1 pack of yellow highlighters                                                   

1 box of colored pencils                                                           

3 1-inch 3-ring binders           

1 set of 5 tabbed dividers for binder                                                                   

earbuds ($1.00 - $2.00) for Chromebooks (not over the head, headphones, or Bluetooth)

**If concerned about the weight of books, a rolling bookbag should be considered.

Student Dress Code When Shopping for School Clothes

Shoes - Sneakers are required for PE.   Backless shoes such as slides, clogs, and flip-flops and shoes with heels over an inch are not recommended for recess.  Students may bring a change of shoes for PE &/or recess. 

Clothing - Clothing should fit appropriately with regard to fit, size, and length.  Shorts and skirts should be longer than the length of the end of the middle finger if the arms are extended by the side.  Pants should not drag the ground.  The bottom should not be exposed when arms are raised and/or when bending over.  Undergarments should not be exposed.  The midriff should not be exposed when standing or when sitting.    Tops should cover the upper body with the exception of arms.  The chest area should not be exposed (tops with spaghetti straps, tank tops, etc. should not be worn if the chest is exposed).  No sleeveless shirts for boys or girls.  Clothing should be free of messages or pictures that relate to drugs, alcohol, violence, and/or humor not appropriate for elementary school.  

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