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Jennifer Aldridge
Aldridge, Jennifer
7th Grade Math Teacher
Jennifer Baker
Baker, Jennifer
8th Grade Social Studies
John Barber
Barber, John
6th/8th Grade Special Education Language Arts and Math Teacher
Matthew Barlow
Barlow, Matthew
Special Education Teacher
Julie Benefield
Benefield, Julie
7th Grade Math
Susan Bohannon
Bohannon, Susan
8th Grade Math
Courtney Brackin
Brackin, Courtney
Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Hailey Brawner
Brawner, Hailey
7th Grade Special Education Language Arts and Math Teacher
Dr. Chere Brown
Brown, Dr. Chere
Joanne Brown
Brown, Joanne

Priscilla Bryant
Bryant, Priscilla
6th Grade Social Studies
Sinje Butler
Butler, Sinje
8th Grade Math
Karen Byrd
Byrd, Karen
8th Grade Social Studies
Dana Carlton
Carlton, Dana
7th Grade Language Arts
Jonathan Cartledge
Cartledge, Jonathan
7th Grade Social Studies
Raymond Castleberry
Castleberry, Raymond
Catherine Clay
Clay, Catherine
8th Grade Math Teacher
Marcia Cofer
Cofer, Marcia

Cindy Coffman
Coffman, Cindy
6th Grade Math Teacher
Leslie Coleman
Coleman, Leslie
7th Grade Math
Barbee Cowan
Cowan, Barbee
6th/7th Special Education Language Arts Teacher
Tally (TK) Cown
Cown, Tally (TK)
6th Grade Science Teacher
Christopher Cox
Cox, Christopher
Special Education Teacher
Cindy Crenshaw
Crenshaw, Cindy

Hannah Croy
Croy, Hannah
6th Grade Assistant Principal
Lisa Dastous
Dastous, Lisa
7th Grade Language Arts
Rob Donaldson
Donaldson, Rob
8th Grade Assistant Principal
Melanie Dorminey
Dorminey, Melanie
Agricultural Science

Lauren Ficken
Ficken, Lauren
Special Education Teacher
Rachel Fountain
Fountain, Rachel
Special Education Teacher
Nanika Gibson
Gibson, Nanika
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Nancy Griffin
Griffin, Nancy
6th Grade Social Studies

  Mrs. Nancy Griffin

Holly Hahn
Hahn, Holly
6th Grade Math Teacher
Lisa Harris
Harris, Lisa

Michelle Harris
Harris, Michelle
7th Grade Language Arts
Laura Henderson
Henderson, Laura
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Billy Hendrix
Hendrix, Billy
Lead Custodian
Christy Hill
Hill, Christy
6th Grade Language Arts
Trina Hodge
Hodge, Trina
Tommy Hope
Hope, Tommy
7th Grade Science
Joy Hurd
Hurd, Joy
Special Education Teacher
Joshua Jackson
Jackson, Joshua
7th Grade Social Studies
Alfred Jones
Jones, Alfred
Jason Jones
Jones, Jason
Physical Education/Health Teacher
Amber Kempner
Kempner, Amber
8th Grade Language Arts
Annalyn Kendall
Kendall, Annalyn
Art Teacher
Telesa Kendall
Kendall, Telesa
7th Grade Science
Kristen Kennedy
Kennedy, Kristen
6th Grade Science
Susan Lemon
Lemon, Susan
Reading Connection
Joseph Lindsey
Lindsey, Joseph
Deanna Lott
Lott, Deanna

Alaina Maddox
Maddox, Alaina
Paige Massey
Massey, Paige
8th Grade Social Studies
David McCollum
McCollum, David
Special Education Teacher
Kelley Milner
Milner, Kelley
6th Grade Social Studies
Scott Moore
Moore, Scott
7th Grade Assistant Principal
Jeffrey Morgan
Morgan, Jeffrey
8th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Ashley O'Hearn
O'Hearn, Ashley
6th Grade Math
Amber Parrish
Parrish, Amber
Special Education Teacher
Michelle Patzer
Patzer, Michelle

Fabiola Pelissier
Pelissier, Fabiola
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Shannon Penick
Penick, Shannon
Media Specialist
Padmajavalli Pillalamarri
Pillalamarri, Padmajavalli
Special Education
Heather Pittman
Pittman, Heather
7th Grade Social Studies
Robert Plourde
Plourde, Robert
ISS Teacher
Christopher Pollett
Pollett, Christopher
Computer Programming
Laura Preston
Preston, Laura
7th Grade Science
Debra Rakestraw
Rakestraw, Debra
Ginger Reid
Reid, Ginger
Special Education MO-ID

Stacy Rice
Rice, Stacy
Hannah Roberts
Roberts, Hannah
8th Grade Math and Science
Dana Schaeffer
Schaeffer, Dana
Ashlee Shepard
Shepard, Ashlee
6th Grade Language Arts
Malcolm Shiels
Shiels, Malcolm
Megan Singleton
Singleton, Megan
6th Grade Science
Renee Skaggs
Skaggs, Renee
7th/8th Grade Language Arts
Trey Skaggs
Skaggs, Trey
Health & PE
Sandy Stephens
Stephens, Sandy
8th Language Arts
Lindsey Suttles
Suttles, Lindsey
7th Grade Language Arts and Math Teacher
Kristen Thaxton
Thaxton, Kristen
Britni Thigpen
Thigpen, Britni

David Todd
Todd, David
Casey Trammell
Trammell, Casey
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Linda Trew
Trew, Linda
Ansley Wallace
Wallace, Ansley
8th Grade Science
Hello! As a former Youth Middle School student, I am proud to be a Warrior again. I am a graduate of the University of North Georgia with a Bachelors in Middle Grades Education and certification in Science and Math. I am thrilled to be in a science classroom and excited for this year!
Patricia Watson
Watson, Patricia
School Psychologist
Connor Weaver
Weaver, Connor
6th/7th/8th Special Education Language Arts Teacher
Lisa Wilder
Wilder, Lisa
Math Connections
My name is Lisa Wilder. I graduated from Monroe Area High School in 1993. I also graduated in 1995 from Truett McConnell College and from Shorter College in 1997 (both are now Universities). My teaching career began in 1998. I have taught at three different schools and in two counties. My first four years of teaching took place at South Central Middle School in Emerson, GA. I then came back home to Monroe and taught for two years at Carver Middle School. I have been at Youth Middle School since it opened. Sixth grade is the only grade that I have taught. I have passed on knowledge to sixth graders in the subjects of math, physical science, earth science, and social studies.
Jacqueline Wilson
Wilson, Jacqueline
8th Grade Science Teacher
Lisa Zielenske
Zielenske, Lisa
8th Grade Science
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