Dress Code


Walton County Board of Education Policy JCDB states students are to dress in a manner that is reasonable and not distracting to other students and teachers. Any dress of an extreme nature will not be tolerated. 

Students must be in compliance as they go about their normal school routines and may not adjust their clothing in an attempt to correct clothing already deemed unacceptable. 

The following guidelines are the regulations that support WCSD Policy JCDB: 

  1. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. 

  2. The “finger-tip” Rule 

· All dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, and gym shorts lengths will be no shorter than the bottom of fingertips.

  1. No exposed skin may show through holes, slits, rips, or tears in clothing above the student’s fingertips.

  2. Tight pants, leggings, jeggings, or any spandex type pants are allowed but shirts/tops must naturally fall below the hip. 

  3. Skirts, pants, shorts, gym shorts, shirts, and blouses: 

Skirts, pants, and shorts must be fastened and worn above the hip bone, fitting at the waistline. 

Clothing should not be extremely tight or form fitting as to cause a distraction.  Including singlets or onesies.

No cleavage shall be visible. 

No exposed undergarments are allowed. 

Sleeveless shirts/blouses must have a shoulder width fabric or at least three fingers.

No part of the midriff or torso shall be visible. 

No A-shirt/undershirt tank tops allowed.

No sheer or “see through” clothing shall be worn. 

  1. No head coverings except when used as a headband shall be worn inside the building(s). Headbands must be no more than 3” in width. (To include but not limited to scarves, bandanas, durags, hats, ball caps, visors, knit hats, and hoods).   

  2. No face coverings shall be worn (exception of face masks), including sunglasses used as eyewear. No personal items on a person, face mask, book bag/backpack, notebook purse, locker, or  vehicle shall contain the following: 

· Suggestive language, graphics, symbols, or slogans. 

· Profane language, graphics, symbols, or slogans. 

· Any reference (language, graphics, symbols, or slogans) to drugs, alcohol,  

  tobacco, weapons, or gangs. 

· Any references (language, graphics, symbols, or slogans) that can be deemed 

  offensive to others. 

· Any language, graphics, symbols, or slogans that are not in keeping with the 

  values of the community.

  1. Students will not be allowed to have blankets/pillows out during school hours.

  2. No oversized, animal/character slippers or house shoes can be worn.

  3. Any “dress” (clothing, jewelry, accessories, piercings, etc.) determined by an administrator to be of an extreme nature is prohibited and is a violation of the Dress Code. 

  4. No bookbags, backpacks, or large bags will be allowed in any sporting events. 

  5. During school and athletic activities, all students must wear shirts and shoes.  

During LHS sponsored events, including dances, student dress must be appropriate. This includes dress length and midriff regulations. These requirements also apply to students’ dates. 

LHS administration will make the final decision about Dress Code related issues. 

If a student is out of dress code in ISS then another day of ISS may be added. 
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