Principal - Dr. Seabrook Royal

Royal is ecstatic about the accomplishments of Walker Park Elementary being recognized as a “High-Progress” school and praises his staff for their phenomenal work in closing achievement gaps amongst all students.  It is truly an Honor and a Blessing to be recognized particularly when schools and districts across the nation continue to search for best-practices to raise the level achievement in order to prepare our students to compete in an ever-changing global society. The leadership from the Walton County School District along with our Distinguished Board of Education is to be commended for their tireless work in supporting our local schools. This accomplishment would not be possible without their support. I am proud to work in a district where I am supported as the principal and the support is pushed down to our phenomenal staff members, and as a result is value-added to our students’ academic success. There simply aren’t enough words to describe the wonderful staff members at Walker Park Elementary School who demonstrates a commitment to excellence daily. In an era where education is vital and constantly under attack, I am just as proud of the nurturing, support and praise imparted to our students.  We are all familiar with the adage, “it doesn’t matter how much you know, until I know how much you care” and I can truly attest to the staff members at the Park who go above and beyond the call of duty to provide an environment that is safe and academically enriching. A school is a place where teachers teach and children learn and grow.
This is the essence of what I know as principal of Walker Park Elementary School. Competent, knowledgeable, dedicated teachers engaging in a process of guiding young minds-passing on knowledge and training students to handle that knowledge, helping students to grow not only mentally but physically and socially as well, developing the type of citizen who will enter the community and enrich it by his or her presence—this is what a school is all about. We have a faculty whose credentials are impeccable, including many with master’s degrees, and virtually all involved in continual personal and professional growth. I firmly believe that my role is to support them, see to it that they have the materials and supplies they need, and provide an environment where they can teach and students can learn to the best of “their” abilities. To me, this paints a picture of a school that is doing something very, very right, and a school system that is continually striving to provide the very best possible education for the children of this community.
Today, as you read this, please understand thoroughly that success is a target that is always moving and we continue to evolve our understanding and methods not just to incorporate change but lead it. With that said, Walker Park Elementary School is honored to have earned the title as a Distinguished Reward School for  “High Progress,” we are not satisfied with the status quo as we continue to evaluate our school for continuous improvement and progress. I would like to thank our parents, PTO, students and most importantly our staff for continuing to believe in our students.
Your servant leader,
S. Royal, Ed.D.

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Dr. Seabrook Royal
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