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Welcome Back for 2022-2023
Welcome Hurricane Students, Parents, and Guardians,

As we prepare to return to school tomorrow, Tuesday August 2, 2022 we are excited to see our new and returning students. So that you and your family are well informed, I have included information that you will find useful for the start of the 2022-2023 school year. Additional information can be found under the Resources Tab on the MAHS website at and on various social media sites. In addition, there are many electronic items and resources that can be accessed through the Parent Portal.

Student Handbook
The updated 2022-23 MAHS Student Handbook is now posted online [LINK HERE] and is also available on all student Chromebooks. Please take time to review the policies and especially those that address attendance, dress code, cell phones, headphones, and related electronic devices.

School Meals
As we begin the 2022-23 school year, the federal waiver that allowed the Walton County School District to serve meals to all students at no cost has ended. However, many students may still be eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals during the 2022-23 school year. Because circumstances change from time to time for all of our students, I am asking that each family please visit and complete an online application (hard copies are also available at MAHS). The process only takes a few minutes and your application will be confidentially reviewed by the WCSD staff in a timely manner. If you have already received an approval notice from School Nutrition then please disregard this request.

In addition to helping our schools receive funding, applying for free and reduced-price meals may also qualify your student for discounted fees for college entrance exams and scholarships.

For further information, please contact School Nutrition (770-266-4431) or [email protected]) or MAHS.

Transportation is one of the most important concerns that students and parents have during the first few days of school. To help us assist you and your child, it is important that your correct address is in the Infinite Campus system. All students are asked to be at their bus stop at least 15 minutes early during the first week of school. This will allow time for route adjustments and the normal delays experienced at the beginning of school each year.

In addition, during the first four days of school car riders and student drivers will be dismissed at 2:25 PM. To provide a safe environment for all, we are asking that car riders and student drivers leave campus immediately after dismissal so that our buses can arrive/depart in a safe and timely manner.

Chromebooks are also available this week for those who did not pick them up during Chromebook Distribution days. As a reminder, the Chromebook Insurance/Protection Plan cost has been reduced to $10.00 per year. You may send that fee (cash or check) with your child tomorrow in order to allow them to take the Chromebook home each day. You may also make the payment through MyPaymentsPlus [LINK].

Dress Code
(Summary: The Full Dress Code Policy can be found on-line in the MAHS Student Handbook)
Students must be in compliance throughout the entire school day (i.e. students may not make temporary adjustments to their clothing in an attempt to correct clothing already deemed unacceptable. The correction must last the remainder of the school day.)
-Clothing should not cause a distraction to the educational environment.
-Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
-The highest point of any dress or skirt length must be no shorter than 5” above the knee.
-The highest point of any pants, short, or gym short length (including slits, rips, and/or tears) must be no shorter than 5” above the knee.
-Any holes 5” above the knee must not reveal skin.
-Headgear is prohibited and shall not be worn inside the building. These restricted items include but are not limited to hats, hoods (connected or unconnected to a sweatshirt or jacket), durags, sunglasses, bandanas, scarves, kerchiefs, or shower caps.

Students, although the headgear policy remained in place last year, it was not enforced as consistently as it should have been. This policy will be enforced beginning Tuesday 8/2 and throughout the year. If you do not want to carry your headgear throughout the day, please leave it at home or in your vehicle.

Cell Phones
Students may use Cell Phones/Electronic Communication Devices and other Electronic Devices that are not otherwise restricted, during the following times: before and after school, during scheduled class changes, and during scheduled lunch periods.

Cell Phones/Electronic Communication Devices and other Electronic Devices should not be used or visible, and must be completely turned off during class/instructional time and other times that may interfere with the educational mission of the school or if they pose a safety hazard. (To include but not limited to Test Sessions, Advisement, assemblies, fire or inclement weather drills, restroom breaks etc.).

Any type of personal listening device to include but not limited to: earbuds, headphones, Bluetooth, etc… are not allowed to be used in the classroom.  These items should not be visible and should be stored away during class.

Parents and Students, the MYPAYMENTS PLUS application is operational and a great way to pay for Meals, Parking passes, Chromebook Protection Plan, Prom, Yearbook etc. If your child attended a school in the Walton County School District last year then their account should be active. If you are new to the Walton Count School District, you may access and complete the application at or > Families Tab > MyPaymentsPlus.

Students be reminded that as you enter the school building tomorrow, you must go directly to the cafeteria or the gym. At the 7:20 bell, all students should report to their advisement class. Advisement posters can be found in the main hall and the cafeteria.

Parents, I encourage you and your child to visit our website for additional information at We look forward to another great school year and to seeing each of you tomorrow morning.

Thank you,
Bryan Hicks