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Goals, Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Goals

  1. High Academic Performance
  2. Safe and Disciplined Schools
  3. High Performance Management Teams
  4. ONE Walton County
  5. Highly Efficient Business Services

Our Mission

The mission of the Walton County School District is to ensure that each student acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve personal success and enrich the community.

Our Vision

The Walton County School District will utilize all available resources to produce graduates who are prepared to contribute to the global society and economy.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe that students are the focus of all that we do.
  2. We believe that our schools must be places where students feel safe, supported, valued and respected.
  3. We believe that all students have unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs.
  4. We believe that all students deserve equitable resources and opportunities.
  5. We believe that continuous improvement and professional development opportunities for staff have a pronounced impact on student success. 
  6. We believe there is power in collaborative partnerships with our stakeholders to prepare students for a changing world.
  7. We believe that it is essential that we plan, secure and allocate our resources (human, material and fiscal) effectively to meet the needs of our students.