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The bus fleet consists of 192 conventional school buses and 32 special needs buses equipped with electronic surveillance equipment. In addition, there are 35 maintenance vehicles that serve all schools. The fleet will travel approximately 2.2 million miles this school year and consume over 300,000 gallons of fuel.

All new bus drivers will receive the following State and County Requirements:

  • 12 hours of classroom training (State)
  • 12 hours of driver training without students
  • 12 hours of driver training with students
  • 12 hours of county training 

In addition to the above, all drivers:

  • Must obtain an annual DOE physical
  • Required to participate in Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Obtain and pass a criminal background clearance
  • Receive CPR, First-Aid, Epi-Pen, and Stop the Bleed training
  • Receive training in Bullying, Child Abuse, and Positive Behavioral Interventions
  • Implement a student management system to encourage children to examine their behavior toward the rights of others and safety
  • Must attend or participate in the Georgia Department of Education's Safety Meeting
  • Participate in monthly safety meetings as needed

Contact Us

(770) 207-3200

*For student pickup and drop-off questions, please contact the appropriate zone below between the hours of 6 am - 5 pm.


Bruce Clark

Director of Transportation

Gracie Hewell

Administrative Assistant / Payroll

Joe Johnson

Shop Manager

Shellie Hughes

Routing Supervisor

Michelle Wingard

Special Needs Routing Supervisor

Loganville Zone

Denise Hart

Monroe Zone

Gina Little

Walnut Grove Zone

Shellie Hughes