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Human Resources

We know that the success of our students depends on the quality and engagement of all staff that impact them each and every day. The Human Resource team is committed to recruiting and working to retain and develop the very best employees so that our students will have the best K-12 educational experience.

The HR team focuses on supporting our employees and embraces our mission with the work that we do:

Our mission is to be sure there is a highly effective teacher in every classroom who cares that every student, every day, learns and grows and feels important.HR Mission Statement

If you value all students as individuals with unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs, we welcome your interest in our district and invite you to apply for opportunities that best fit your background and experiences.

Lance Young Signature

Lance Young, Ed.D.
Chief Human Resources Officer

Elaine Thornton

Administrative Assistant
(770) 266-4401

Dr. Lance Young

Chief Human Resources Officer


Jami Evans

HR Coordinator
Elementary Education
(770) 266-4403

Andretta Guthrie

HR Coordinator
Secondary Education
(770) 266-4405