Schoolwide Discipline Plan

Strike System

1 Strike = Warning
2 Strikes = Teacher assigned silent lunch (No parent contact necessary)
3 Strikes = Teacher assigned silent lunch (mandatory parent/guardian contact by the teacher)
4 Strikes = Teacher assigned detention (mandatory parent/guardian contact by the teacher)
5 Strikes = Administrator assigns Friday School (Teacher set up parent/guardian conference)
6 Strikes = Referral to administration with documentation included on the REF (mandatory parent/guardian contact)

Strikes can include and are not limited to:
  • Behavior Issues (make sure you are following IEP, 504, POI, BIP instructions)
  • Disobeying classroom rules
  • Class disruption
  • Disregard of teacher’s instruction
  • Can include some level one offenses
  • Classroom tardy 
 - Teachers will keep strike log referring to why strikes were given. This will include date, time, and parent contact.
 - The strike system will be used as a progressive plan to avoid referrals. Referrals are part of a student’s educational/behavioral record.
 - Teams will be consistent and relay their expectations in class to their students.
 - All strikes will reset at the beginning of each 8 week period.
 - Strikes are issued by a teacher, not by a team. Teachers may not combine strikes.
 - Strikes begin the first day of school and the first day of each quarter noted on the county website calendar.
 - Strikes are to address behavior concerns, not used for academic consequences.
    YMS Goal: Firmness, fairness, and consistency are the keys to an effective discipline program
    • To increase positive student behavioral choices and reduce negative behavior. 
    • To provide a positive academic environment which is safe, orderly, and conducive to learning.
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