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FAQLast Updated: July 10, 2020 
Based on recent questions and feedback received, WCSD has responded to many frequently asked questions below. The district is working to keep all stakeholders informed with the information currently available. Based on the guidelines provided, school leaders will be implementing practices in a way that is most conducive to their building. Please understand that this information is subject to change based on additional state and local health guidance. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. 

What will a digital/distance learning schedule look like?

SInce students are more likely to thrive with a predictable and consistent schedule, digital/distance learning will be scheduled like a regular in-person school day.

Click here for more information on digital/distance learning by level and suggested schedules. 

Will digital/distance learning students be required to sign in every day?

Yes. Keeping in line with WCSD's attendance policy, students participating in digital/distance learning will be required to sign in every day. 

Will teachers provide support for digital/distance learning?

Yes. WCSD teachers will be available for live support during the school day. 

Do I have to choose the same instructional model for all of my children?

No. Parents are encouraged to choose the instructional model that works best for each child. Parents may choose to send one child back for in-person instruction while enrolling another child in digital/distance learning. The digital/distance learning application will allow you to select each student individually. When considering the options, it is important to note that students participating in digital/distance learning must be motivated, organized, self-disciplined and supported.

Can my child enroll in digital learning and participate in extracurricular activities?

Yes. Students enrolled in digital/distance learning will still be able to participate in all extracurricular activities at their zoned school.

If my child becomes sick, should I enroll him/her in digital/distance learning?

No. Students attending school in person who become sick or are quarantined will be able to receive and complete any missed assignments without penalty. Once a student has met the Georgia Department of Public Health's guidelines for returning to work/school, the student would be able to return to school.

Will packets be available for digital/distance learning students?

Elementary students will utilize some worksheets in addition to online and hands-on activities assigned by teachers. Middle and high school assignments will be digital. Unlike the spring semester, the district will not provide packets for at-home use this year. 

Will EIP, Gifted and REP services be provided for digital/distance learners?

The district will make every effort to accommodate services for EIP, Gifted and REP students who choose digital/distance learning. 

What platforms for digital/distance learning will be used?

Schoology (all grade levels) and Edmentum (middle and high school only) will be the main two platforms used. However, digital/distance learning teachers may utilize a variety of platforms to deliver instruction and connect with students.

How long do I have to commit to digital/distance learning?

Elementary students who choose to begin the semester with a Distance/Digital Learning model, must commit to nine weeks at a time. Middle and high school students will need to commit to the entire semester.

Will my permissive transfer be honored if I choose digital/distance learning?

Yes. Permissive transfer requests will still be honored when a student returns in person even if they enroll in digital/distance learning this fall. 

Will connections/electives still be offered in school?

Yes. WCSD schools are not limiting classes for in-person instruction. All connections and elective classes will be offered in the school building with enhanced cleaning measures and social distancing when possible.

Will elementary students still have outdoor recess?

Yes. At this time, elementary students will still have designated outdoor recess time. Schools may stagger the number of classes on the playground at one time and work to maintain distance between classes in order to limit student contact between cohorts. 

Will students be allowed to eat in the cafeteria?

Yes. Schools may utilize multiple areas in addition to the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch to reduce the number of students in one area. Schools may also spread classes out in the cafeteria to provide social distancing between classes. Each school will make arrangements based on available space. 

Will students be socially distanced?

Schools will enforce social distancing when possible. At the elementary and middle school levels, schools will work to keep students grouped by class as much as possible while also limiting the number of students in hallways during transitions. High schools are working to develop plans to streamline hallway traffic and limit large gatherings of students. Specific information will be shared by each school at a later date. 

Will students be required to stay in the classroom all day?

 No. While in some cases it may be limited, students will be able to transition between classes throughout the day.

Will field trips be allowed?

No. Schools will not schedule any field trips for at least the first semester.

Will before and after school programs be available?

Yes. At this time, before and after school programs will be available. The same safety precautions as the regular school day will be put in place.
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