Meal Prices & Payment Options

School Level Pre-Payment

Paying with Cash - Please put your payment in an envelope and write the child's name, student ID number and teacher's name on the outside of the envelope.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but depending on the status of the ongoing coin shortage, we may ask for change to be left on a student's account.
Paying by Check - Please write the child's name and student ID number on the check.
A chart showing meal prices by month may be obtained by clicking here.

 School Month

# Days

K-12 Breakfast


 K-5 Lunch


 MS-HS Lunch


Reduced Breakfast 

30c (K-12)

Reduced Lunch

40c (K-12) 



$ 30.00

$ 48.00

$ 58.00

$ 6.00 

$ 8.00



$ 31.50

$ 50.40

$ 60.90

$ 6.30

$ 8.40



$ 25.50

$ 40.80

$ 49.30

$ 5.10

$ 6.80 



$ 24.00

$ 38.40

$ 46.40

$ 4.80




$ 21.00

$ 33.60

$ 40.60

$ 4.20 

$ 5.60



$ 25.50

$ 40.80

$ 49.30

$ 5.10

$ 6.80 



$ 25.50

$ 40.80

$ 49.30

$ 5.10

$ 6.80 



$ 34.50

$ 55.20

$ 66.70

$ 6.90

$ 9.20 



$ 24.00

$ 38.40

$ 46.40

$ 4.80

$ 6.40 



$ 27.00

$ 43.20

$ 52.20

$ 5.40

$ 7.20 

NSF Checks
When you write a check to the Walton County School Nutrition Program, you are consenting to have your check electronically deposited. Checks which returned due to insufficient funds are sent to Envision for collection, telephone number (1-877) 290-5460 or (770) 709-3100.  Envision will contact you if they receive a returned check for you.  Please do not call the school, school personnel will not have information about returned checks.

Online Pre-Payment

To better serve our families, the Walton County School District offers online account management for meal accounts.  MyPaymentsPlus offers the ability to view meal account balances, dates your child eats a meal, and set up alerts to remind you of a low or negative balance. 
You may use a credit card, debit card or e-check to fund your child's meal account. A small convenience fee will be applied to each transaction.  To prepay online, use MyPaymentsPlus  (   To pay by telephone, please call (866) 764-0642
MyPaymentsPlus customer support options:
Telephone:  877-237-0946
Email:  [email protected]
Live chat 7a - 5p:  click on the "Need Help" button on the payment site and look to the bottom right

Please be careful when making online payments - account holders may now deposit money to "general" accounts (for iPad insurance and other non-School Nutrition fees) as well as for a student's meal account.

Meal Charges

Students are allowed to charge a certain amount before being offered an alternate meal.  Each school level has a different amount, but all are based on a number of lunch meal charges.  Any combination of meals could be charged, but once the charge limit dollar amout has been reached, we must offer an alternate meal to the student.  We do not like offering alternate meals.  Please keep your child's meal account fully funded.  
Elementary: Students are allowed to charge the equivalent of 4 (four) lunch meals.  The equates to a charge limit of $9.60 (paid) or $1.60 (reduced price).  Printed and emailed negative account notification letters are sent home at a minimum of once per week.

Middle: Students are allowed to charge the equivalent of 2 (two) lunch meals.  This equates to a charge limit of $5.80 (paid) or $0.80 (reduced price).

High: Students will be allowed to charge the equivalent of 1 (one) lunch meal.  This equates to a charge limit of $2.90 (paid) or $0.40 (reduced price). Our goal is to give our high school students a second chance to ask for lunch money.
Students are not allowed to charge A La Carte items.
Adults are not allowed to charge.
Schools may restrict charges at the end of the year, but must give notice at least two weeks prior to the change occurring.  Notice will be sent via the most common method for mass communication at the school (email or telephone call-out).
If a student does not have money and has reached the charge limit, an alternate meal will be offered for breakfast (cereal and milk) OR lunch (sandwich and milk).  If the student continues to come to breakfast or lunch without money and the account continues to be delinquent, School Nutrition will bring the account to the attention of the counselor or/and principal at the school in case DFCS needs to be involved.  Students who have negative account balances are not allowed to purchase extras until the account has been brought up to date.

Payment Refunds

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to prepay for meals either on a weekly or monthly basis.  Money left in your accounts at the end of a school year will remain in the account for the next school year.  If a customer will be withdrawing, money may be transferred to a sibling, a needy student, or may be refunded.

Please send a written statement making your request to:
Walton County Board of Education
ATTN: School Nutrition
1820 Hwy. 11
Monroe, GA 30656

You may also email [email protected].

Click here for Refund Request form. 
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