Enrichment Groups

Enrichment Groups
Ticket to Success
Emily Hunter
Purple Hall, 244
Meets Mon.-Thurs.
TTS primarily focuses on team building, character building, leadership, citizenship and self-confidence through hands-on group activities.
Strive & Drive 
Jarod Mansour
Purple Hall, 249
Meets Mon.
The goal of this organization is to further the academic success and post-secondary options of students at MAHS.
Thespian Troupe #5318
Meredith Farmer
Purple Hall, 243
Please see sponsor for meeting schedule
 The club encourages students to attain a better mastery of language, to develop poise and self-control, and to appreciate dramatic literature. The Troupe competes in One Act, attends the Georgia Thespian Conference, and performs in several showcases throughout the year.
String Ensemble
Tangela Hester
Blue Hall, 139
Meets Wed.
Contact Xavier Ashley (xavier.ashley@walton.k12.ga.us) for more information.

 The goal of this club is to learn and perform music selections at Monroe Area and around Walton County. The club promotes excellent and prideful musicianship amongst violin, viola, cello, and contrabass players alike, and also enjoys conducting group performance, solos included. This club is active year round and the music that is played may vary between classical or more modern.
Percussion Ensemble 
Kristin Trammell
Meets Mon.-Thurs.
The Percussion Ensemble is a group that will focus on the proper playing techniques for mallet percussion, concert percussion and battery percussion. Students will also work on character edition that will include but not limited to work, leadership, time management, and work ethic.
Student Council 
Seteria Abdulai
Room 137 or 114
See sponsor for meeting schedule
The Student Government Association (SGA) is an elected Student Representative Association. SGA sponsors Homecoming, develops the leadership potential of members and officers, provides student representation to all students regarding school related and social issues, and provides students a link to the wider community by involving itself with select charity events throughout the year.
Step Team 
Kim Brown & Ava Brooks
Please see sponsors for more information.
Amanda Foley
Cafe or 512
*Closed group, Please see sponsor for tryout information.
McDaniel & Charles Bowling 
Field House
*Closed group, Please see sponsor for tryout information.
Badsketball Cheer 
Kim Choates

*Closed group, Please see sponsor for tryout information.

Credit Recovery
The credit recovery program is an opportunity for students who have failed a course to earn course credit after school.  The program allows students to complete a course utilizing online programs through GAVS and PLATO. Credit recovery is an independent working process for the student. However, the credit recovery program employs teachers and tutors to assist students with work. This program helps students through credit recovery and enrichment programs, increases graduation rates and improves classroom performance.
L. Holloway, J. Kurtz, S. Abdulai,
A. Wang & F. Johnson
Green Hall, 214
Meets Mon.-Thurs.
All Credit Recovery classes must go through the Counseling Office!

Please see your counselor for eligibility requirments and course scheduling.

This program offers a snack for participants as well as bus transportation for those that apply. Please note that scheduling transportation could take a week or two from the time of application.
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