Chromebook Information

Chromebook Information

You will have the exciting opportunity to use a school-issued Chromebook device! These devices are a valuable resource that will enrich your learning expereince here. They are also costly, and require responsible handling to avoid damages.


Loganville Middle School Itemized Repair Costs
*Items below are some common repairs. For any repair needed that isn’t listed, the student will be provided the cost after evaluation of the damaged unit. Repair costs subject to change.

Repair Description


Replace keys on keyboard (not a keyboard replacement)


Headphones broken in jack (if motherboard isn’t damaged)


LCD Screen Replacement


Body/Hinge Replacement


Keyboard Replacement


Lost, stolen or willful damage to chromebook



If students are diligent about following school procedures, damages are not likely to occur.

Common Causes for Broken Chromebooks
  • Carrying Chromebooks with lid open
  • Chromebooks power up quickly, so it is safer to shut the lid when transporting.
  • Carrying Chromebooks by the screen
  • Too much pressure by your fingers causes damage to the LCD in the screen.
  • Not gently removing headphones or earbuds.
  • Headphone jacks can easily break off in the Chromebook. 
  • Closing the lid with pencils, earbuds and cords, pens, etc. laying on the keyboard
  • Closing the lid with items on the keyboard will damage the LCD screen.
  • Leaving the Chromebook on the floor or sitting in a chair.
  • Chromebooks can get stepped on and/or sat on and crushed.
  • Having food or drinks near the Chromebook.
  • Liquids and food get inside the keyboard causing the keyboard to have to be replaced.


    Rules and Policies 

    Students are accountable for the acceptable use of WCSD devices and associate technologies through Student Code of Conduct item 2.11 Inappropriate Use of Technology (GA .05):

    A student shall not use technology resources to:

    • Send, display, access, publish or download material or content that is obscene, offensive, vulgar, and/or pornographic by electronic means;

    • Engage in any violation of the school district policies or the Student Code of Conduct, including bullying, cyber bullying, harassment or threats of violence;

    • Use obscene, profane, discriminatory, threatening or inflammatory language;

    • Damage computers, computer systems, software/programs or computer networks (this includes changing workstation and printer configuration). (GA .05)

    • Engage in “hacking” or any other attempt to compromise the security or configuration of any computer system, including the use of proxy servers or other filter avoidance measures;

    • Violate copyright laws or engage in any illegal activity;

    • Use or access another users’ computer ID, file folders, work or password;

    • Participate in or use electronic mail, instant messaging, chat rooms or other forms of direct electronic communication unless expressly authorized by and under the direct supervision of school personnel;

    • Publish, display or share material that is reasonably likely to cause a material and substantial disruption to the school environment;

    • Use a non-teacher approved site on the internet.

    Students are also liable for damages to their WCSD-issued device through Student Code of Conduct item 2.13 Destruction of Property ($500 or less) (GA .20):

    A student shall not intentionally damage or deface the property of another, including school district property,without the consent of the owner. If the value of the property is more than $500.00, the student will be charged with a violation of Rule 3.12

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