Special Education Notice

Special Education | Distance/Digital Learning Notice

Notice to parent/guardians of students with disabilities who voluntarily opt for their disabled student to participate in the distance/digital learning option offered by the school district due to the COVID- 19 Pandemic

  • All students in Walton County School District have the opportunity to participate in the distance/digital learning option per application deadlines set by the district regardless of disability status.
  • A master schedule for each level (elementary, middle and high) has been created by the district.  Therefore, all students enrolled in distance/digital learning will follow a schedule and be expected to log in for class time.  Students will be supported in the online platform by a Walton County School District certified teacher.  Students with disabilities will also have a special education case manager that is a Walton County School District certified teacher. 
  • Each special education student will have a distance/digital learning plan developed by the IEP team that will be in place during the time that the district makes the digital learning option available to all students.  This plan will outline the special education services that will be implemented to support the student’s access to the online platform for digital learning provided by the district.  Due to the timing that the distance/digital learning option became available to Walton County Students, your child’s distance/digital learning plan may not be developed until after the first day of school (this will not keep your child from beginning instruction through online digital platform).  The school’s special education instruction specialist or your child’s IEP case manager will phone conference with you to develop the distance/digital learning plan as soon as possible, These phone conferences will be noticed as an IEP meeting.  This process follows the IEP amendment process – IEP changes or amendments may be made by the entire IEP team at an IEP meeting or by agreement between the parents and district (SBOE Rule 160-4-7.06)
    • It is possible that not all classes, programs, services or accommodations may be appropriate through a digital learning platform.  Some IEP goals may not be appropriate for the home setting.  Some service delivery models may not be appropriate for the home setting.  For example, if your child is receiving the equivalent of 60 minutes/day of small group instruction, the IEP team may determine that a one-on-one 15 minute/day segment via the online platform is appropriate.  As a result, services identified in the distance/digital learning plan may be different based on parent choice for digital learning.  
    • Group and/or individual instruction will be designed to address IEP goals and objectives as identified on the distance/digital learning plan.  This could include small group sessions designed to target common goals and objectives, additional work tasks, and/or individualized activities.
    • Students that receive speech, OT, PT, DHH and/or VI services will receive these services virtually.  These services will be outlined in the distance/digital learning plan.
    • Students that receive special education services in the adaptive curriculum program will not use the online digital platform used by students that participate in the general education curriculum.  As is typical, students accessing adapted curriculum programs will continue to receive services tailored to their needs outlined in the distance/digital learning plan.  Teachers will continue to incorporate many of the digital instructional tools used in the physical classroom setting.
    • IEP goals and objectives targeted in the distance/digital learning plan will be monitored and progress will be reported consistent with the way the district typically provides progress reports to all parents.  

If you have questions, please feel free contact the Special Education Instruction Specialist at your child’s school or the Special Education Department at 770-266-4501

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