Kindergarten Q & A

Kindergarten Q & A

1. What should my child know before entering kindergarten at ARES?
Prior to entering kindergarten, children should be able to identify most letters, write their name, recognize numbers up to 20 and count 20 objects. Children should also be able to take care of basic self-help skills such as bathroom needs, putting on shoes and zipping zippers on coats.
2. Do kindergarten students at ARES have a daily rest time or a daily snack?
Our day in kindergarten is very busy. Therefore, we do not have a daily rest time. However, we do provide time for a small snack that each child brings from home during the afternoon.
3. Can I eat lunch with my child and volunteer in my child’s classroom?
You are welcome to eat lunch with your child any day. We have special visitor tables located near the windows in the lunchroom where you may sit with your child. After completing the volunteer training course, you will be allowed to volunteer in your child’s classroom and in other places in the school.

4. How will my child’s teacher communicate with me?

Your child will be given an agenda at the beginning of the school year. We use this agenda to provide daily communication to parents about their child’s performance as well as to provide reminders of upcoming events. We also send home a weekly newsletter to inform parents of the activities we have completed during the week and of the upcoming standards for the next week. We also list upcoming events and provide other news to parents on the newsletter. Each teacher has a schoology page that parents can access for the newsletter. Our school provides monthly newsletters and calendars.
5. What assessments do kindergartners at ARES participate in?
Kindergartners at ARES are assessed using the Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS) each quarter. They also are assessed through writing assessments, running records for reading, have weekly sight word assessments. Your child’s teacher will explain each of these assessments to you during the fall conference.
6. Where can I find information about GKIDS and the kindergarten curriculum?
This information can be found on the website   and

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