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Financial Efficiency Star Ratings
The Georgia Department of Education released the 2017 Financial Efficiency Star Ratings (FESR), with scores ranging from a half-star to five stars. The Walton County School District received a four-star rating, placing it in the 93rd percentile of the state with only 12 other districts in the state receiving a higher rating.  

The Financial Efficiency Star Rating measures an individual school district’s per-pupil spending in relation to the academic achievements of its students. The rating utilizes a three-year average of per-pupil expenditures and College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores to determine a district’s rating.

“I am pleased to see WCSD ranked in the 93rd percentile of the state,” said Superintendent Nathan Franklin. “We are entrusted by our community and taxpayers to provide exceptional educational opportunities for all students while being fiscally responsible. We always strive to provide the best education we can afford here in Walton County.”

FESR is only one measure that the district uses to evaluate its performance in conjunction with all other information provided for each school and district. The goal of the star rating is to provide a comparison of district spending per student with overall academic performance.