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Kindergarten Registration
Loganville Elementary School will be holding kindergarten registration the week of March 19-23. To enter kindergarten, a student must turn 5 years of age on or before Sept. 1, 2018. Current LES pre-k students do not have to attend registration. 
Please bring the following items to register your child:
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Shot record on Georgia Department of Hum Resources Form 3231
  • Certificate of Ear, Eye, Dental, & Nutritional Examinations on Georgia Department of Hum Resources Form 3300
  • Proof  of  residencey: Current  utility  bill  plus  one  of  the  following:  current lease/rental agreement;  recent  income  tax return;  current paycheck stub  with  current  address;  current  residential  property  tax  statement  or  bill; current  warranty  or  quitclaim  deed;  third person  affidavit   of residency  (refer  to  Walton  County  School  District  ­  Residency Affidavit);  current homeowner’s  insurance  policy
  • Social Security Card or signed waiver (availabe at school)

Please call (678) 684-2840 to schedule an appointment.

Screening tests will be given; therefore you should bring your child to registration.

Approximate time for the registration process is 30 minutes.