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End of Course Test Information
The Georgia State Milestone (End of Course - EOC) Tests will be administered at MAHS between Monday December 11, 2017 and Friday December 15, 2017. Students enrolled in US History, Economics, Biology, 9th Grade Literature, American Literature, and Algebra I and Geometry are required to participate in the EOCs in order to receive credit for the course. The EOCs count 20% toward the final class average.

The EOCs will be administered on Chromebooks so it is important that every student brings their Chromebook to school each day and fully charged. It is also very important that each student gets a good night’s rest and arrives promptly each morning by 7:25 AM. Students arriving after 7:40 will not be admitted to the testing area. 
December 11th: Algebra I. & Geometry

December 12th: 9th Grade Lit & Am. Lit (Section 1 Only)

December 13th: 9th Grade Lit & Am. Lit (Section 2 & 3)

December 14th: Economics & US History

December 15th: Biology