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Health Inspection Scores

Health Inspection Scores

School Nutrition professionals work extremely hard to maintain the safest, cleanest environment in
which our customers’ meals are prepared. Each of the schools has at least one person on staff who is
ServSafe® Certified (learn more about ServSafe®). Each year we spend time reviewing and refreshing all of the many food safety ideals that we have in place at a beginning of the year training for all staff.

Each school is reviewed twice annually by the Walton County Environmental Health Department (EHS). Our EHS staff serves as valued partners to audit and ensure we truly are maintaining the safe environment that we believe we are. Their visits are not planned; that is, the Health Inspectors drop in which helps make sure that they are reviewing our normal daily actions.

Below are dates and scores for health inspections for the current school year. Inspection scores will be updated mid-year and at the end of the school year since inspections occur on a random basis.
 SchoolInspection Date Score Inspection Date Score
Atha Road Elementary09-01-16100-A01-24-17100-A
Bay Creek Elementary09-15-16 100-A03-13-1799-A
Harmony Elementary08-25-16100-A02-07-17100-A

Loganville Elementary

Monroe Elementary08-29-16100-A01-25-1796-A
Sharon Elementary09-09-16100-A05-09-1799-A
Walker Park Elementary09-28-16100-A05-23-1799-A
Walnut Grove Elementary09-09-1699-A01-09-17100-A
Youth Elementary09-02-16100-A04-18-1795-A 
Carver Middle09-01-16100-A02-16-1796-A
Loganville Middle08-26-16 100-A05-15-17100-A
Youth Middle09-02-16100-A04-25-17100-A
Loganville High08-23-1696-A02-09-17100-A
Monroe Area High08-29-1697-A04-17-1799-A
Walnut Grove High09-09-16100-A05-23-17100-A
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