Written Word Winners

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8th Grade
1st Place
Education Set Me Right
By McKenzie Clements
It’s easy for me
To be free
Education set me right
Off to a better life
They said I couldn’t
Or I wouldn’t
But here I am
Taking flight
Because education set me right.
Runner-Up (tie)
Sweet as Pie
By Dorlitha Bass
Beautiful as the dark night sky
A woman of pride and joy
Heart is longing to love
Again, again and again.
A Poem
By Alexander Green
School is fun and sometimes the work is cruel.
You just have to stay cool.
Try your hardest or you’ll be at night school.
Use the tool called your brain
‘Cause it will help guide you through
Pre-school, middle school and high school.
Don’t be a fool
And drop out of school
Because school is the golden rule.
7th Grade
1st Place
By Alissa Adair
I have a fantasy dream
Inside my mind.
But you can’t come in,
Because it’s mine.
I have trees of lollipops,
Oh what a sight to see.
Bunny rabbits made of chocolate,
Dancing all around me.
I have clouds of cotton candy,
Blue as the sky.
Cabins made of tootsie rolls
That are magic to my eye.
These dreams I have,
Are such a delight,
My mind loves to wander,
Both day or night.
Runner-Up (tie)
White is Winter
By Regan Breedlove
Look at the snowman grinning like a clown
White snowballs tossed in a winter fight.
Kids scream when a mean snowball hits their icy fort
Then you squeak when sliding across a patch of white ice.
Freezing snowflakes in your hair and on the nose
Fire popping like popcorn warming cold wet toes
Marshmallows melt in hot chocolate cups
Ooey, gooey, yummy, yum
Snuggle down and dream of sweet sugar cookies baking
And fire burning happily.
I Ride To Live
By Jenna Yarbrough
When I ride, I feel a happiness
I’ve never felt.
I feel like I am flying
And like the whole world has stopped.
For me, a world without horses
Is like a world without air.
So yes, I ride to live.
6th Grade
1st Place
A Friend
By Mimi Martin
Friendship is more than a word,
It’s a special bond that should stay strong.
A friend is like a beating heart,
Strong until the end
A friend is like an owl
Wise without doubt
A friend is like a butterfly
Both beautiful and graceful.
A friend is like a memory
That stays with you forever
A friend is like a dog
Continuously loyal and by your side.
Friends shouldn’t be taken for granted
We would be nothing without the friendships
We’ve made to this day
Friends are one of a kind
Runner Up
By Raachl Heggenberger (6th)
Do your hair
Just like the other girls.
The clothes you wear
Are just the like the other girls.
The way you think
Is just like the other girls.
But are you doing it for them?
So they’ll
You shouldn’t have to try
This hard
And strive to be
Back to reality
Have you forgotten who you are?

Art Winners

Marissa Eilkins
8th Grade Winner
Lovette Ogie
8th Grade Runner-up
Natalie Powers
7th Grade Winner
Kylie Weber
7th Grade Runner-up
Camden Miley
6th Grade Winner
Elizabeth Furlow
6th Grade Runner-up 
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